Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pattern Preview: Easter Bunny Ornaments

Hi there!

Have you noticed? It's less than five weeks until Easter, so I've been working on some cute little Easter decorations, and this is what I've made:

Actually this is not a new pattern. In fact, I had already posted a picture of these on my Facebook page in April 2014, and that was the last post there until February this year.

This pattern wasn't my own idea, but is inspired by a picture I’ve seen on Pinterest. Unfortunately there was no pattern or source attached to the Pin (otherwise I'd give credit), so I’ve designed this pattern myself, based on what I saw on the picture.

So, what do you think? Do you want to make some of those cute little fellas, too? I hope so, because I've already written down the pattern and prepared the next blog post :) Just check back in a few days for the free tutorial. You can also follow me on Facebook, so that you'll never miss a new post! In the meantime, you might want to get some key- or crochet-rings (if you don't have any), because we're going to need them for the ornaments. Mine measure 36mm (1.4"), but the pattern is easy adjustable to any other size, too.

Have a great day everyone! :)


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