Friday, February 17, 2012

Some Kindle Covers, a new Poll and more...

Finally I'm back with some new crochet that has nothing to do with the Beyond the Square Challenge :)
I think I've already mentioned that I gave myself an e-book-reader for Christmas - it's the Amazon Kindle, and I really love it! Of course I wanted to make a sexy "dress" for the reader, but I wasn't happy with the first try, so meanwhile I've got three different dresses for my Kindle:

Let's start with the first one I've made:

I've already made this around Christmas and - I hate it :) I think it looks like a stupid washcloth and I don't like the closure. That's why I had this thing lying around for the past weeks, and I wasn't in the mood to finish it. Finally I've weaved in the ends this week and attached the button. I still don't like it much better, but I'm happy that I'm done with it. After all, the colors ain't too bad (I wanted to make it "girlie-style"), and I kinda like the pattern (it's a simple sc, ch1-pattern, with the sc's worked into the ch1-space of the previous round).

As soon as this one was finished, I was eager to make a better one, and in fact I liked the next one so much, that I even made a third one (same style) the next day:

I've used the star stitch for both of them - a pretty stitch pattern that I've found some time ago, lurking in the back of my mind, waiting to be used.

I've made the off-white cover first and sewed on one of my Bavarian Popcorn Flowers that I had still left from my flower-making-mania last summer. On the close-up you can also see the structure of the star-stitch pattern, isn't it just pretty?

One thing I knew for sure: I didn't want to make any kind of closure this time. My sister-in-law (who also got a Kindle for Christmas) didn't like the closure of my first try either, and she suggested to make a cover similar to those "mobile socks", without closure.

 Of course it would be possible to work with some color changes for the cover, but I personally like it best, if the cover is plain colored with a little embellishment. So I used dark brown for the next try, weaved in some threads of off-white yarn, made a little bow and attached a cute button:

I still have to show the two new covers to my sister-in-law, to see if she likes them. Maybe I'll try a few more, with different colors and embellishments, maybe another style for the opening. Any suggestions from your side?

Now to something completely different: it's time to start a new poll for our next theme-party (Friday, March 9th)! The "animals" topic is not on the list anymore (didn't get any votes the last time), but I've added two new topics for you to vote: "Stripes" (easy: any blankets, cushions, scarves, etc. with colorful or/and structured stripes, I'm also thinking of all those lovely ripple blankets out there), and "Covered": a topic that was on the list before and will get another chance now: pillows, jars, vases and more with crochet covers, and of course covers for mobiles, i-pods and other technical stuff. Please let me know if you've got any ideas for new topics! By the way: the Valentine's Party is still on! :)

Last but not least, I'd like say a big THANK YOU to

Heather from The Good Life


Cynthia and Carol from TwoLuLa

for giving me another Versatile Blogger Award. Please check out their awesome blogs! I've already written about this award in a previous post last week and passed it on to some other blogs, so please understand if I skip this part this time :)

I think that's it for today - have a fabulous week-end everyone! :)


  1. Love that brown one. When I first saw it (using my phone) I thought it was black. It looked like a little black dress. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oooh, I like the star stitched ones tooooo!! It's really a stitch that I hould try sometimes!
    Have a good weekend, Esther.

  3. I like all 3 - they're all very pretty. :)

  4. Lovely covers! That reminds me I need to make one...
    Ana BC

  5. Your covers are terrific and I like them all. I especially like the brown one with the heart, super cute. I gave my hubby a Kindle Fire for Christmas and he is getting great use out of it. I asked him if he wanted me to make a cover for him and he said he'd order something masculine on-line. :-) Take care and have a wonderful day.

  6. Jedes Mal wenn ich dich hier besuche, ärgere ich mich drüber, dass dein BLOG nur englisch ist *schnief*


  7. They are lovely Barbara, I like them all even the first one but my favourtie is the off white I like the popcorn flower embellishment finishes it off beautifully :)

  8. I love all three! But I know that feeling of wanting a project to be exactly right!

  9. I like the first you you made and I really like the button. I am inviting you come and be part of my blog hop:

  10. hallo liebe Barbara,
    Du häkelst ja wunderschöne Kleider für die Reader, mein Favorit ist das linke in grau mit dem entzückenden Blümchen (ist das auch von Edie?)

    ich wünsche Dir fröhliches Wochenende und lasse liebe Grüße hier
    herzlichst Traudi

  11. I love your kindle covers...all of them. I've made quilted covers but never crochet.

  12. I would love to have this pattern if you're willing to share! I'm trying to make my boyfriend a Kindle cover for his Birthday coming up :)

  13. These are adorable! So unique I love all the small details!


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