Sunday, February 5, 2012

Beyond the Square: Motif # 40

Motif # 40

Category: Hexagons

Progress: 12 of 100+

This is a very simple flower pattern. I think it's the first (and only? I'm not sure) motif, for which I've used one color only. It was a tough decision! :) This motif would be great for a flower garland, or as embellishment on a T-Shirt. When you hop over to the Challenge News, you'll find this motif in a picture frame, it makes a great home decoration!

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  1. Happy sunday Barbara 1 ...blessings to you and your family.this motif is so cute ,adorable.I'm trying to make a couple ....just cleaning , cooking and spreading love to my lovely dogs.'Til next time ,


  2. very pretty! I just got my book,and ready to start some motifs:)

  3. I love this flower Barbara... I've seen it on the gallery page too and it looks great :)x

  4. I love this one Barbara my favourite I think, it was the first one I made. Its nice plain but would look lovely with a coloured centre too.

  5. Hi Barbara - I have a blog award for you on mine. Have a great day. :)

  6. That's a nice one. Which brand of yarn did you use?

  7. Hallo Barbara! Ich hab den Versatile Blogger Award noch einmal bekommen und würde ihn gerne an dich weitergeben! Ich weiß ja, daß du ihn schon hast.:)Ich wollte dir damit nur sagen, wie sehr ich deinen Blog liebe und mich fuer all die lieben Kommentare von dir auf meinem Blog bedanken!
    Alles Liebe! Barbina

  8. loving all the motifs! They are gorgeous and you have made me want to get this book now.

  9. Can someone please post this pattern, I am unable to find it on the blog. Thank you!


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