Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February News and Reviews

Good morning, everybody!

Wow, time's flying again, don't you think? It's already February, and I can't wait for the spring - I'm so sick of the cold and dark weather!
Today I'd like to write about several things: 1) the "Beyond the Square"-Challenge, 2) some other crochet projects I've got on my hook or on my mind, and 3) some words about the state of my New Year's Resolutions.

1) The Challenge:

While I'm still posting motifs of my first collection, I've already made and blocked some more motifs:

To tell you the truth: I've never blocked any piece of crochet in my life, before I've started this Challenge. I've always been too lazy for that. But I've found out soon, that some of these motifs really needed blocking, because they just wouldn't lie flat - and meanwhile I'm blocking nearly every single motif, because I think they look so much prettier, especially when they've got lots of picots (and many of them have).
That should be all about the Challenge for today, I'm still updating the Challenge News from time to time, so if you'd like to read more and see who has joined our little party, just hop over and check it out! :)

2) other crochet projects

I understand if some of you might be a little bored that the only thing going on in k-town seems to be the Challenge right now. The truth is, I'm still working (more than ever) on the super-secret project. It's got a definite deadline, and I have to hurry up a little. I can't wait to show you the finished project including a series of detailed "making of"-posts afterwards. I hope you can wait some more weeks :)

Right now I try to stay away from new projects, but they are definitely on my mind: recently I've made a cover for my e-book reader. I don't really like it however, that's why I haven't weaved in the ends yet or showed you some pictures. Maybe I should just finish it and post it to see what you're thinking about it. I've got an idea for at least one or two more covers, and I want to give it a try soon.
More crochet I've got in mind: I'd like to design another wiggly crochet pattern; I've got a beautiful bottle at home that needs a nice cover; I've discovered some interesting stitch combination during the "Beyond the Square" Challenge and I've already got an idea how to use them; my mother gave me some pieces of her old kitchen wall decoration (potholders that look like dresses, but not like those you can find on ravelry), and I'd love to figure out the pattern; I might even try some piece of freeform crochet; and - I'd also like to start another blanket (so that would be the next "big" project). You see, I've already got a huge to-do-list, and February's only just begun! :)

3) The state of my New Year's Resolutions:

One of my Resolutions for this year was to be more active, do some sports and lose some weight. Well, it's going.... GREAT! :) I've joined the fitness-studio and I'm doing my work-out three times a week, it's lots of fun and I've already lost four pounds, yippie! :) That means, only twenty more pounds to go :( No, seriously: I think it's the first time that the main goal in my mind is NOT "lose pounds" but "be more active and live healthy" instead. With this shift of attitude, losing weight is just a wonderful side effect, and I'm not really worrying or obsessing about weight and food like I usually do when I'm on a diet. I only hope, that I can keep this motivation (i.e. to live an active, healthy life) until... well: forever! :)
Last sunday, John and I had our first dancing lesson: we've learned the basic steps for the Blues, the Slow Waltz and the Disco Fox. We'll be practising and improving these dances in the eight weeks to come and learn one new dance every week (which will also be practised and improved as long as the course lasts). I think it's a good concept, and we're enjoying our new Sunday afternoon hobby.
Another point on my list was "reading more books": Well, that's still tricky. I'm reading, yes, but mainly magazines and traveller's guides - have I told you already, that we've booked our flights to the United States? No? Well, that's more great news that lift my spirit in this cold time of the year: We'll be visiting John's family in Michigan again this summer, and while we're over there we also want to spend two weeks in California, cruising from Los Angeles to San Francisco. I'm sure I'll come back to this topic lots of times until the end of June :)

I think that's it for today. Maybe I'll do a little preview/review and "state of resolution"-thing every month now.

I hope you'll all have a great start into the new month, remember: every day will bring us a little bit closer to spring now :)


  1. Happy Feb. to you!!! Loving those motifs,they are stunning. Yes I am also looking forward to spring.We are on the down hill side now.Your secret project has got me,LOL have a great day from alabama

  2. Lovely news all around! Great February start...

  3. The motifs are all very pretty - and congrats on keeping your resolutions. Have a great day. :)

  4. Lovely Motif!
    Are blocked with better finishing cute=0)
    I invite you to weave a doily of heart deadline February 29, inscribert here:

    February blessed...

  5. Liebe Barbara,
    das sind alles ganz wunderbare Neuigkeiten die
    Du da erzählst - Super!!!
    Ich freue mich für dich das du so viel Spass am
    Sport und an den wunderschönen Handarbeiten
    Ich verabschiede mich jetzt für eine Weile,
    Freitag geht es ab in den Urlaub für uns...
    Hab einen wunderschönen Februar und
    weiterhin auch viel Spass für euch beim
    Viele liebe Grüße schickt Dir Marion

  6. Hi Barbara-
    I was just wondering how to go about blocking. I started crocheting in October but have been thinking about blocking recently. What do you use to block? I use acrylic yarn which I know needs to be steamed, not wet but I'm just unsure of the best way to go about it. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for your comment and your question! I'm really not an expert on blocking, I've just given it a try and it works well for me: I pin the motifs to a piece of styrofoam, spray it with water and let it dry. If you search google for "blocking crochet motifs" you'll get lots of results, even video tutorials! Good luck!


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