Friday, February 3, 2012

Beyond the Square: Motif # 121

Motif # 121

Category: Squares

Progress: 11 of 100+

Interesting! Once again I'm astonished, what is possible with just the basic stitches when you're just creative enough: the diagonals look awesome, don't they? And it's so easy! You just have to work longer chain-loops for the corners and in the end (just before the last round) they're woven together by just slipping the first loop over the second, the second over the third, and so on. Everything is held together by the sc's that are worked into the last loops. Love it! I'll definitely have to design a pattern with this method one day!

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  1. Love those braided corner.
    Ana BC

  2. I've just started crocheting and I am so inspired by your blocks! So glad I found you!

  3. Yes Barbara it's lovely, I love the corners, I think they look even better here than they do on motif #60 :)

  4. Barbara, danke, für deine Zeilen, bei mir.^^
    Ich bewundere dich,
    wie du mit Granny-häkeln durchhältst.;O)
    Sie sind alle schön.
    Lieben Gruß,*Manja*


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