Sunday, April 29, 2012

3KCBWDAY7: Crafting Balance

This blog post is part of the 3rd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week:

Introduction to the topic:

Crafting Balance: Are you a knitter or a crocheter, or are you a bit of both? If you are monogamous in your yarn-based crafting, is it because you do not enjoy the other craft or have you simply never given yourself the push to learn it? Is it because the items that you best enjoy crafting are more suited to the needles or the hook? Do you plan on ever trying to take up and fully learn the other craft? If you are equally comfortable knitting as you are crocheting, how do you balance both crafts? Do you always have projects of each on the go, or do you go through periods of favouring one over the other? How did you come to learn and love your craft(s)?

Let's face it: I'm a crocheter. Always have been, and always will be. Comparing crochet and knitting is - to me - like comparing the English language to the French.
I feel comfortable with English, after all it's everywhere: on the Radio and on TV, most people speak English, I've learned it early at school, and travelled to Great Britain and the USA. John is an American from Detroit, so we frequently speak English at home, too. I'm reading English books, I'm watching American movies, and I'm writing this blog in English. Of course I'm making mistakes (understanding and speaking English is so much easier than producing grammatically and orthographically correct sentences in written form!), but I know I'd find my way around in the English language - just like in crochet.

My ability to knit is comparable with my ability to speak French: I've learned it but it was hard. I've enjoyed it (in a way) but I've never felt comfortable with it. Unfortunately I've forgot most of the things I've learned. I know the basic knitting stitches, but that's it. Everytime I've tried to knit something, I was afraid to make a mistake, because I wouldn't know how to correct it and would have to call my Mom for help. My French? I remember some basic words and expression, that's all. Recently John had been on a business trip to France and I called him every night at the hotel, asking the receptionist (in English) to put me through to John's room. On the last day, I suddenly heard myself speaking French! The words just came out of my mouth, and in the middle of the sentence I panicked because I had no idea how to finish it. So I just interrupted myself, laughed nervously and switched back to English. See? French language = uncomfortable, nervous and insecure = Knitting.

This is actually all there is to say about today's topic, but since it's the last day of this Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, why not do a little summary of the past week?

It started on Monday with the topic "Color Lovers". I showed you my stash of Catania yarn and a little flower garland I made, using almost every color in my stash. Thank you for your suggestions about yarns and online suppliers!

On Tuesday (Photography Challenge) I took you for a walk through the k-town woods. Your comments were overwhelming and I'm so happy that you've enjoyed this post!

On Wednesday we were supposed to write about "Your Crochet Hero", and of course I've picked my grandma again, focusing on her biography this time.

On Thursday I've picked the Wildcard topic, "Craft Your Perfect Day", imagining how great it would be to receive some parcels of goodies...

Friday had been "Something A Bit Different", so I let my little Frosta stool tell you the story of her magical transformation into Frostarella.

Yesterday (Saturday) I made some lists about "Improving my Skillset", talking about the skills I've already learned and about some future plans.

If you'd like to check out more highlight's from this Blog Week, I recommend Kathryn's Pinterest board "Best Photos from Knitting and Crochet Blog Week" and Eskimimi's board "Pictures nominated for the Blog Week Photography Challenge"

This week was so much fun for me!! I've tried to write interesting posts and take some pretty pictures, I had lots of new visitors on my site and on the other hand I'm excited that I've found new and inspiring blogs, which I'll definitely visit in the future, too. All in all it was a GREAT experience!!

Hope you've enjoyed this week as much as I did,

have a great and sunny sunday!


  1. Good comparison indeed, and nicely written. It's been lovely finding your blog.

  2. Your writtenn English is just fine ... better than many a native speaker. :)

    And thanks for the Eskimimi linky - I'll be cheching it out.

    Happy crocheting!

  3. I know just what you mean about the uncomfortableness of knitting....I get my knickers in such a twist, and like you I live in worry that I am going to drop a stitch and if I do, what next?! However, I am beginning to like the challenge and find myself liking the idea of making things....maybe I have more learning to do!

    It has been a great blogging week hasn't it? I've learnt so much and your posts have been such a good read, thanks.

  4. I like the analogy! I too am sad that blog week is over

  5. It's been a pleasure to follow your posts this week.

  6. I love your analogy and feel the same way. Although, because of KCBW, I'm going to give knitting another go! I'm glad to have found your blog from this past week and look forward to seeing more!

  7. What a great analogy. I love reading about and seeing pictures of your crochet adventures, so I'm glad you are comfortable with it!

  8. Your English is really good. I lived in Germany for a total of 9 years and I only remember a few words in German, although I understand a bit more than I can speak as a word might trigger a memory. You are a talented crochet designer. I love how colorful it is.


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