Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beyond the Square: Motif # 80

Motif #80

Category: Triangles

Progress: 35 of 100+

Wow, this motif - innocent as it might look - has been the most challenging of this Challenge so far, at least for me. First I was thrilled, because I could learn a new-to-me stitch, the "folding sc". The previous round you have to make trebles, using the front loops only. For the folding sc's you have to insert your hook into the back loops of the trebles and into the back loop of the corresponding stitch on the previous round. I've messed it up, because I kept missing the right stitch in the corners. The author suggested using a stitch marker, which I didn't use - I've made this mistake before, and I'm sure I'll make it again *gg*. The next round is a round of simple dc's, but I've messed that up as well, because the dc's are worked into the folding sc's, and somehow I always skipped a few of them and had to go back and start this round over and over again. When I finally finished this motif I was exhausted but happy: I've learned a new and interesting stich and made another pretty motif. Perfect.

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  1. Very impressive! Congrats on not giving up on a new stitch. Pretty colors, too.

  2. Hi Barbara, I am doing a brooch for my friend´s weading and I don´t know how to do the folding sc of this motif, please can you put a tutorial in order to show how to do it. Thanks a lot


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