Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beyond the Square: Motif # 87

Motif #87

Category: Triangles

Progress: 38 of 100+

Another simple triangle motif, made with sc's, dc's and a few picots in the corners. I still think it's fascinating how the use of colors can change the look of a motif completely! In the book, for example, the motif is two-colored: The first three rows are made in dark blue, the last two rows in a light blue/turquoise shade. I have changed the color after each row (only the last two rows are made in white), this way my motif looks quite different from the motif in the book. That's another cool thing about this Challenge: flipping through the book, thinking "I wonder how this motif might look if I just..."

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  1. Your work inspired me to purchase the book. What are you going to do with all of the motifs?


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