Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beyond the Square: Motif #132

Motif #132

Category: Unusual Shapes 

Progress: 37 of 100+

I think this is the first pentagon I've ever made. I wonder how you would join these if you want to make a blanket... The center of the motif and the five "petals" are worked seperately and joined as you go. It's not difficult and turns out pretty, have a try! :)
By the way: I had some questions about yesterday's motif, if it's difficult - I think most of the motifs in the book are very easy to make, and even if they're more complicated: the instructions are always very clearly written with detailed explanations to unusual stitches or stitch combinations. So even if a motif looks a little bit difficult: just grab a hook and try it, what have you got to lose? :)

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  1. All the motifs have been lovely this week Barbara, I like today's it looks fast and easy to do and it's very pretty, as for joining that would be a bit of a challenge will have to have a think lol

  2. das Motif und die frische Farbkombi finde ich hinreißend schön!

    einen lieben WEGruß zu Dir von Traudi

  3. Very pretty. I would think you'd have to create a border around it to make it square or hexagon before you could make it into a blanket.
    Thanks for the new stitch/new motif pep talk! We all need to hear that sometimes.

  4. If you match sides of the hexagon, they will join the same as a square . . . I would make a center one and go out from there.


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