Monday, April 2, 2012

April News and Reviews

I'm starting to really like these monthly News and Reviews posts on my blog! So let's see what has happened in my little crochet world and what comes next...

I've already showed you the first picture of the Wedding Blanket (the thing formerly known as the "super-secret project") - thank you all so much for your lovely comments so far!! Next on the list: a couple of "making of"-posts.

Although I've been quite busy with this blanket, I've also made a few smaller items, like some crochet stones (I've already posted the Birthday Stone last week) and more motifs for the "Beyond the Square Challenge". It's quite a big motif collection already, but unfortunately it's much more fun making them than preparing the blog posts :) 

I'm also working on a pair of cute "Spring Bunnies", but I've only finished the first bunny so far. It always takes me quite long to finish amigurumis, because I'm always looking for excuses to take a little break from all those tiny little hands and feet that have to be sewn to the tiny little body... :) Anyway, I hope I'll finish the second bunny just in time before Easter!

Talking about Easter: There's another link-party here in k-town on Friday! So far the Spring/Easter topic has got the most votes, but you've still got a few days time to vote for your favorite topic! (Although I'd personally LOVE to see some colorful spring crochet! *gg*)

Last but not least, I'll participate in the 3rd Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week this month:

The topics for the week were announced today, so maybe you want to check them out and decide if you want to join, too!

That's all for my crochet plans for April so far, but you'll never know which new ideas might pop up in mind now that I've got more crochet time again... :)

Finally, as usual, a few words about my 2012 Resolutions:

Nobody could be more surprised than me, that I'm still sticking to my activity plans! In fact, I've just come back from the gym :) Sometimes I'm worried because everything seems to go too well, I haven't skipped one single training since I've started, I've lost 20 pounds since January, and I haven't had a serious "chocolate disaster" so far. What's more: it's still easy! Now I think it's time to let you in on a little secret: I've been listening to an additional relaxing, motivational, hypnosis kind of thing CD for a few weeks now (mainly to gain control over my craving for chocolate and what the experts call "emotional eating"). I'm usually more than sceptical of these things, that's why I haven't mentioned it before, but hey: it seems to work, I'm not even thinking of chocolate anymore! (at least not much... *gg*) Let's just see what the next month brings, I'm still positive!

Have a great sunny month of spring everybody! :)


  1. Wooow sind die alles toll.
    Unglaublich wieviel Ausdauer.

    Sei lieb Gegruesst von Conny

  2. I think I will join the BLOG CHALLENGE too. I was waiting for the topics, and I like them all. It sounds so cool!!!
    Your motif collection is growing fast. And the wedding blanket is amazing. I am sure they will love it.
    Ana BC

  3. Your motif collection looks lovely Barbara. I know what you mean about amigurumis, I hate all the fiddly bits and sewing on of limbs and things but it looks amazing when it's done so cute, I have to be in the mood. Well done on your fitness progress, chocolate will always be my weakness and Easters coming chocy eggs yummy :)

  4. Ich glaube ich versuche auch noch mal was in anderen Farben.
    Wunderschöne Grannys.
    LG Maike


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