Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Making of... The Wedding Blanket (Part 2)

Welcome to the second part of my "Making of... The Wedding Blanket"

The center of the blanket (granny square, first frame and a few more rounds of granny pattern) was finished by November:

Now it was time to begin with the squares for the second frame,...

... and so I made 24 Circle of Friends Squares (I think this beautiful square is my alltime favorite granny square pattern!)...

... sewed them together using an Invisible Stitch Joining Method...

... to form the second frame:

Then I had to adjust the size of the center of the blanket to fit into the frame...

... and finally I sewed the pieces together, and continued with the granny pattern:

Believe it or not, this whole process lasted until February, and at that time I really wasn't happy with the way things were going: as you can see, the blanket started to ruffle when I continued with the granny pattern, and what bothered me even more: I didn't feel like making a third frame of little squares at all: more threads to weave in, more squares to join (oh, how I hated that!), and the deadline was coming closer and closer: the wedding would be on March 31st and I knew I never would make it until then if I really wanted to make a third frame of squares...

Wow, I just notice that this could have been a really thrilling story, but unfortunately I've already told (or showed) you the end, the happy end, before... but if you'd like to find out more details and see more pictures of how I've finished the blanket just in time, please come back on Friday for Part 3 of my "Making of... The Wedding Blanket"! :)


  1. love the colors and design of your blanket ! So pretty !

  2. Wirklich eine tolle Decke und Danke für die Anleitung zu dem schönen Granny, habe ich mir gleich mal verlinkt. Ich kann verstehen, dass Du irgendwann keine Lust mehr auf mehr Grannys hattest.

  3. Oh my goodness. This is just so lovely!! Deb.

  4. It's beautiful, love the colours and the design.

  5. A wonderful piece......I love it !!
    chris richards

  6. Hahaha, you are right, it would have been more suspenseful if you didn't show the finished picture first :).

  7. I like how you thought outside of the box. I tend to get caught inside of one for fiber things.


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