Saturday, May 26, 2012

Giveaway Winner and a Second Chance!

Thank you all for participating in my Blogiversary-Giveaway! And - we have a winner! The one who was closest to the length of the flower garland (the giveaway prize) was Sam Findlay with her guess of 280cm! Congratulations, Sam!! (I'll be writing you an e-mail, soon!)

Now you might want to know the real length of the garland, but I can't tell you... yet! Because - everyone who has played along in this game (and hasn't won yet) will have another chance for a second guess (and another prize of course)! Let's have a look at the player list:

Susana, Soleil, laydilyke, Crystal Rose Cottage, Angel, Debi Y., Connie, Hazel, Angela, Madeleine, Kepanie, Gill, tintocktap, Gladys Perfeito, MWitch3, Diana, isaquarel, Sandra and annemarie - you're all welcome to enter a second guess! Let me give you some hints: Sam was closest with 280cm (110.2"), but she's been a little bit above the real length. The next closest guess was made by Susana with 250cm (98.4"), and this guess was below the real length (and farther away than Sam's guess). Now let's see if someone can guess the right length now. Be quick, because this second chance will end in 24 hours, at 1pm CET tomorrow!

Would you like to see the (sur)prize for the second chance? Here it is:

Since I've figured out that pattern, I just can't stop making those little potholder dresses (there are three more you haven't seen yet). So, the one of you ladies in the player list above who enters the correct length first (or is closest in 24 hours from now) will win this little blue-ish/off-white dress - although I suggest you use it as a decoration rather than a potholder (I haven't tried its heat-protection yet).

Good Luck!!!!!



  1. Hola Bárbara. Enhorabuna a Sam por ganar este fantástico premio. Y ahora voy a decir 265 cm.
    Felicidades por tu primer aniversario.

  2. Congratulations for the winner!!!
    I think the length is 270cm.

  3. Hey Barbara! I changed my name so it matched my blog, but it's still me (MWitch3)

    My guess is 272 cm.

    (Note: I'm terrible with numbers, which is why I'm becoming a history teacher, not a math teacher LOL)

  4. Congrats winner!

    I think the length is 265cm.

  5. Puh, da kann man sich ganz schön vertuen....
    2. Chance: Ich hoffe auf 268 cm ;-)

    Aber Glückwunsch an Sam!!!

  6. this giveaway is closed now, thank you all for playing!

  7. Would love to have you make a tutorial on the crocheted dress hotpad. I've been wanting to make one up for Valentines as gifts for my girlfriends and female family members. It's so cute. I've seen a few on the internet for free; however, I like yours the best!


  8. You are a your crochet.. I was looking for a dress pattern, and found you ..what a delight you are.... I am a new follower..


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