Friday, May 11, 2012

Theme Party # 10: Stripes

Welcome to our 10th Theme Party! The topic you've voted for this time is Stripes: do you have any stripy crochet to share? Maybe a granny striped or a ripple blanket? A cushion? Stripy socks or maybe even a Zebra amigurumi? Here's your stage! :)

Before you share your link and hop away to check out some great stripy projects, maybe you can give me some feedback: are you bored of the topics that are on our voting list right now? Do you have new ideas? When do you think should I add the topics we've already had (like the Grannies, the flowers, etc.) to the current poll again? And should this theme-party stay a crochet-only party or would you like to link up other crafts as well, like knitting, sewing or stitching? (Of course the projects would have to match the given theme, too).

Thank you for your input! :)

Some things you should keep in mind:
What you see is what you get: please link to the specific post where your chosen project can be found (not just your main blog address), and make sure that your post is about crochet and matches the given theme! No shops! Please understand that I might remove links that ignore these points.
Feel free to post as many links as you like - you should really search in the depths of your archives to retrieve your forgotten treasures, this is your chance to bring them back to the surface! :) more info

This collection can be found at The Crochet Boulevard now!


  1. Thanks for the stripes party ! Your themes are great !

  2. I like the crochet only theme party. The way you have the poll now is good - just take out the one that was voted for and replace it with a different topic. Here's a few topics you could add: pillows - jewelry - toys - socks. :)

  3. Your themes are great. I love how you incorporate the seasons. You can add cushions, and for autum and winter: hat, scarf, shawl. You can bring the classics any time!

  4. I may be biased, but I like crochet only. There are a lot of multi-craft theme parties. I think it is ok to recycle themes seasonally or come up with new ideas :).

  5. harika modeller tebrik ederim ellerinize sağlık sevgiler.

  6. Thank you for giving the oportunity to show our work! your blog and work has been an inspiration to me! your covered rocks and pincushions and everything! bis hug!

  7. good public information always very grateful for your blog :)


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