Friday, May 25, 2012

Guest Posting, Features and More

Hello everybody, it's great to see you stopping by in k-town today!

Today's a big day for me: I've written my first guest post ever, and today it will published over at Olga's Stardust - Decor & Style. It's a lovely blog about decoration, design, makeovers and more, and I'm really honored that Olga has invited me (and Frostarella) to come over and introduce ourselves. Thank you Olga for the invite, and dear readers: please hop over to Stardust, I bet you'll find some inspiration for your home over there!

I'm also very happy, that I had my first two features recently: My Frostarella stool was featured over at So Very Creative (unfortunately there'll be no more linkies there, hope it wasn't me who ruined it... *gg*), and the little potholder dresses were featured at Sarahndipities. Thank you so much!

A few weeks ago, I received a sweet e-mail from Bridget, an editor for All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns, who asked me if I was interested in sharing my Wiggly Tutorial over at their site. I'm so happy when someone is interested in my little tutorials, so I gladly accepted this offer. Thank you Bridget for your effort!

This offer also reminded me that I wanted to start sharing my patterns on Ravelry. Someone had already linked up my Sunny Pincushion Tutorial there and I wanted to edit this entry and link up my other patterns and tutorials as well.

And - after having had a look at my statistics - I've discovered that you can even find some of my patterns at Crochet Pattern Central now.

It seems like I'm really getting around now... I'd like to thank all the editors from the sites mentioned above for their interest and their help!

Finally, I'd like to remind you that today's the last chance to enter my giveaway! Good luck to everyone, I'll announce the winner tomorrow!

Have a great Friday,


  1. Sono vestitini bellissimi, complimenti!
    Ti auguro un buon fine settimana
    Bye, bye Elli

  2. Those potholder dresses are so cute reminds me of the ones that my mum gave me years ago. Just found your blog and have been enjoying looking at all of your great items.


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